Who We Are

In 2014, Keith and Kelsey Harkin had an idea for a virtual store where they could bring a handful of their favorite artisan finds from their worldly travels to people around the world.  Keith is a singer-songwriter & musician from Ireland who has been touring the world for the past decade. His travels have taken him across every state in America, cross country in Canada, coast to coast in Australia and beyond, more times than you can imagine. While he’s not touring for his music, he is touring for his soul. Reaching far away places such as Morocco, British Virgin Islands, Canary Islands & Bali all to score a good wave and a good time. 
Kelsey herself has travelled the world, and most of the time solo. She grew up with Mexico as a second home, taught 3rd & 4th grade in an indigenous community in Ecuador, lived in a 3 bedroom apartment with strangers from all of the world in Spain, camel trekked the Sahara in Morocco … her countries visited list is up to 24, and counting.
Together they have travelled the world collecting. Collecting stories, memories, friends & for you - really amazing goods. They believe that buying "local" doesn't mean just locally around where you live, buying "local" means buying from independent artisans in any local environment you may find yourself in. HHQ is curated by Kelsey & Keith to show you the talents of local craftsman from places they visit around the world.
A percentage of all profits go towards Artists For Peace & Justice.
Keith Harkin Official | www.keithharkin.com