January 13, 2015

First. There is a first for everything. And here is our first Artisan Interview. The first of many more to come from many different walks of life, to many different crafts, many different languages and countries. 

One thing I love about people is the many different layers that fall behind their outer shell. You could work with someone day in and out for 20 years and not know that outside of their daily work routine, they are a master of carpentry or a fantastic poet. That's also what makes living in a creative driven city like Los Angeles so interesting. One day the barista who serves you your morning latte could pop up on your TV, starring in the hottest new TV show. The point is, you never know the talents that are all around you. 

This reminds me of our newest addition to HHQ, JoeLuc by Christine Zezza. While she doesn't flaunt that she's a skilled jewelry maker, handcrafting the most delicate and classic pieces that can be worn daily - She has turned her hobby into a business, whose products are lusted after by women from California to Chicago, in between and beyond. 

JoeLuc jewelry is dainty, made with precious metals and stones, never plated or made with brass and with soft touches of 14kt gold, which make each piece unique and elevated. The idea is to inspire and bring meaning to those who wear JoeLuc.

What was your reason for starting JoeLuc?

The start of JoeLuc Jewerly came about when I had every intention of finding a dainty chain for my ear. Finding nothing that inspired me or inclined me to buy I decided to ask a good friend, who makes incredible jewery, to teach me a wire wrapping technique to create my own. The name JoeLuc was inspired by my grandparents, Joseph (Joe) my grandfather and Lucielle (Luc) my grandmother. Growing up, they inspired me with stories from their past adventures and lessons they learned along the way. (CZ)

What are your inspiration behind each stone picked?

My inspiration behind the stones I pick are solely because each stone has some type of power/energy to inspire and influence my JoeLuc ladies. Each stone has a very specific meaning to it, that may bring positively or strengthens the soul, etc. I want to share something that is going to bring other positive factors, other than a cool piece of jewelry, into someone's life.  (CZ)

What is your favorite stone to wear and why?

My favorite stone would be Peridot. This is my birthstone, the first real semi precious stone that I had been introduced too at a very young age. I loved that this stone, sea green, reminded me of the trees and grass and everything else that I loved about nature. This stone also brings Love and Compassion when you wear it, and if you know me well you know that I love, love and I feel as if this stone was truly meant for me. (CZ)

What do you see in the Future for JoeLuc Jewels?

I have so many thoughts and ideas about what JoeLuc could become. The sole driver in this is passion and I want to bring something that drives and inspires other around the world. The biggest future accomplishment that I would like to happen for JoeLuc Jewels is for strong, independent, traveling women, around the world to share their own photos of themselves wearing their JoeLuc ear chains and the stories or experiences that they are going through at that moment. I want this to be more of a community than an object/piece of jewelry, a way to connect with others and bring happiness. Every JoeLuc ear chain that I see on a friend or a stranger makes me feel complete. As if I am exactly where I need to be, and that doesn't mean just selling these ear chains, but the idea that it has inspired and gave someone else that same feeling of happiness/joy. (CZ)

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