Summer Lovin' 2016 // Visual Diary

August 23, 2016

This Summer was the most jam packed, adventure filled, crazy, bursting with love, overload of friends and family 2 months of our lives! ... We started off at our home in Donegal, Ireland getting ready for the celebration of the year -- OUR WEDDING DAY! We had a guest list of 175 and over 40 people staying on the property, everything was completely DIY -- so you can imagine the type of June we had! All the stress and hard work was for sure worth it to see our friends and family from all over the world come together. More wedding photos will be coming soon, don't worry!  [[wu tang painting the barn door]] [[camp harkin]] [[our friends were our... Continue Reading →

Gold Diggin' in the Southwest | Road Trip with HHQ

February 02, 2015

We had the best time on our road trip that covered over 4k miles in less than 2 weeks! A lot of ground was covered, a lot of sights were seen, a ton of laughs were had ... Here's some photos on our Golden Era, gold digging adventure ... LA -> JOSHUA TREE -> PHOENIX -> SEDONA -> WILLIAMS -> GRAND CANYON -> LAS VEGAS -> JACKSON HOLE xx HHQ  Continue Reading →